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Unlock the Power of AI for Your Business

Spark provides AI-powered software and human-powered services that help businesses run more strategic, consistent, and efficient product lifecycles (PLC) at scale.

About Spark

We're helping businesses leverage functional AI solutions to run smarter, more effective PLC strategies

1  — Strategic (in)visibility

Cross-functional teams struggle to act quickly to focus their goals and activities based on shifting business priorities.

2  — Information (in)consistency

Across teams, there are often multiple versions of potentially outdated and biased information.

3 — Workflow (in)efficiency

Between gathering information across tools, handoff meetings, and status emails, disruptions cost teams valuable work and innovation time.

As businesses grow, PLC strategies often become highly manual, siloed teams that struggle to create products that move the needle on business revenue or customer satisfaction.

The Problem

The Spark Solution

Spark works to improve your business by delivering AI-powered software and services to seamlessly connect, streamline, and contextualize the four key areas of the product lifecycle process.

1. Market Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Customer Insights

  • User Studies

2. Product Development

  • Engineering Task Tracking

  • Product Roadmapping & Prioritization

  • Product Documentation

  • Release Notification

  • Product Feedback

3. Go-to-Market

  • Launch Tracking

  • GTM Documentation

  • Channel Strategy

  • Content Creation & Management

  • Internal Enablement

4. Performance Tracking

  • Objective & Key Result tracking

  • Product Retrospectives

  • Launch Retrospectives

Spark Offerings

Product Lifecycle Audits

Working closely with your PLC teams, we provide high-level initial assessments, as well as deep-dive audits into every stage of your PLC to fully understand what's working, and what could be better to create a tailored, step-by-step strategic plan.

AI-Powered Solutions

Spark seeks out, and partners with innovative, AI-powered solutions that optimize the PLC at every stage, while also ensuring every solution is providing greater focus, consistency, and efficiency across all of your PLC teams' daily activities.

Fractional Projects

Spark offers fractional project services that enable businesses to rapidly stand-up or level-up any part of their PLC from market research and product management, to go-to-market ops and performance tracking.

The Spark Team

Jared Barrett

Founder & CEO - 10+ years of experience as a founder, and product marketer at enterprises and startups of various sizes and industries, helping them to launch and maintain product lifecycles and portfolios.

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Colin Hulme

Strategy Partner - 49 years of formulating creative visions, devising business and technical strategies, and innovative market strategies internationally, including evaluating business purchases & investments.

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Jonathan Bruser

Partnership Advisor - 25 years of experience in business transformation for well-known companies and brands across several industries. His passion is enabling business leaders to build new capabilities that help them achieve their full potential.

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Anthony Rudeen

Product Advisor - 10+ years of building innovative products across e-comm, retail, finance, and more. His expertise helps companies build better products, collaborate more effectively, and get to market more efficiently.

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